Manchino is a four-piece hard rock band located in Eugene, Oregon. Formed in  2013, the band began their music career in Alabama. Frontman/lead singer Drew Rachel joined the band after meeting Floyd Pourchot(bass) and Randall Broome(guitars) at a local Battle of the Bands. After three years with two different drummers, Jeff Blackmon joined Manchino and completes the band's current lineup. The band prides itself on its versatility of sound and musical characteristics. While paying homage to vintage rock bands from the 60's, 70's and even 90's, Manchino gives a sense of hope for the future of rock and roll by adding those vintage elements with originality and ambition to be modern both sonically and lyrically. "Beyond the Sky", the band's first official release, was released globally in June '17 and has been met with positive reviews. Their next single "Gliding Over All" was released in October. Manchino is currently planning to release their first EP. 


Drew Rachel - Vocals


Jeff Blackmon - Drums

Floyd Pourchot - Bass

Randall Broome - Rhythm/Lead Guitar